External Music Courses by the Hong Kong International Academy for Music & Arts

To support and encourage the enhancement of personal artistic cultivation and talent performance among students in various international schools in Hong Kong, and to assist in the musical development of students, the Hong Kong International Academy for Music & Arts provides professional music and arts teachers in various disciplines to offer teaching assistance to these schools.

The various professional disciplines include:
Western Music: Piano, Violin, Flute, Harp, Cello
Chinese Music: Guzheng, Guqin, Erhu, Pipa, Liuqin, Zhongruan
Modern Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Opera Singing
Contemporary Song Singing
Music Theory Learning
Conducting for Chinese and Western Orchestras

Details of course arrangements and fees are as follows:

School Kindergarten Class: $1600 per session (45 mins) for 3-6 students
Lower Primary Children’s Group: $1800 per session (60 mins) for 3-6 students
Junior Group: $2000 per session (60 mins) for 3-6 students
Youth Group: $2200 per session (60 mins) for 3-6 students
Senior Group: $2300 per session for 3-6 students
Individual classes for each group: $800-1200 per session + $200 (transportation fee) (60 mins)

Instrument Requirements: Your school provides the respective musical instruments. The academy will assist in the purchase of specific instruments. The academy also offers preparation and registration for the Hong Kong Inter-School Music Festival.

The academy will actively lead and organize students to participate in performance events such as musical concerts and competitions according to the school’s needs, enhancing students’ performance and competitive abilities, thereby boosting their confidence and sense of achievement.

Class Schedule: Flexible arrangements based on the hours determined by each school. Each group can have up to 2 classes per week, with 12 sessions per fee period.

Instruments and Venue: Provided by your school.

Hong Kong International Music and Arts Academy
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Website: www.guzhengmaster.com
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Phone: 25665968
Contact Person: Kiki
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