Introduction to the Hong Kong International Academy for Music & Arts (IAMA)
The Hong Kong International Academy for Music & Arts (IAMA) was established in 2005 as a comprehensive educational institution integrating various types of music and art education.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has trained over a thousand students from all over the world since its inception, offering diversified and in-depth music and arts training. This includes training in Chinese and Western musical instruments, vocal music, music theory, solfège and ear training, stage performance, online courses, calligraphy and painting, dance, tea art, music composition, arrangement, and online social media among other courses.
IAMA also specializes in organizing international large-scale concerts, art seminars, music art lectures, and music art competitions. Additionally, the Academy provides professional tutors and orchestra conductors and actively participates in a variety of international music activities and undertakes recognized music exams, competitions, and academic exchanges.
The Academy champions the spirit of promoting learning for the benefit of the public, strongly supports the charitable philosophy of Hong Kong’s major charitable organizations, and innovatively offers free “Love Music” courses to serve the community. This initiative helps students from underprivileged families with artistic talent to realize their dreams and spreads love and care to every corner of society.
The purpose of IAMA’s establishment is to cultivate high-quality, excellent, and well-rounded talents for society, to promote and develop Chinese and Western art culture, enrich life wisdom with music and art, and to inspire individuals’ unlimited potential, improve self-confidence, and expressive abilities. Thus, enhancing personal talents, self-confidence, and creativity, the Academy focuses on developing talents with comprehensive development in virtue, art, and beauty.
The Hong Kong International Academy for Music & Arts also serves as a cultural hub, attracting renowned lecturers and professors from around the world to utilize their strengths and tirelessly promote social development and participation in the international art field.