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Debut of the 3 Girls’ Band

After years of preparations, Lunlun Zou debuted with her Chinese music ensemble 3 Girls’ Bandat a private concert in Hong Kong.

Some of you may already know that during her stay in Sydney, Australia, Lunlun has been part of a band 3 Sisters, which was made up of Lunlun Zou (guzheng), Lulu Liu (pipa) and Ying Ying Liu (erhu). The trio often performed at events in Sydney, including the stage of the Sydney opera house.

Like the phoenix rose from ashes, so did the Three Sisters, this time under the name 3 Girls’ Band.

The name of the new ensemble in Chinese language is literally “3 Phoenixes”, although this translation has not been chosen in favor of the simpler and more memorable 3 Girls’ Band. The ensemble is directed by Lunlun Zou and plans to perform at events in Hong Kong and China.

Enjoy watching an abbreviated video recording from this concert:


The large part of the world which follows the lunar calendar has recently celebrated the arrival of the New Year.

The people of Hong Kong were thrilled to take some rest after 12 months of exhausting work. To their delight, Lunlun Zou and her student Panting have made this most special occasion festive as demanded by traditions. During several evenings they performed splendidly for the Hong Kong audience with a selection of Chinese festival music using the guzheng instrument.

As the Chinese literally say, “happy pig year!” and to the rest of you “happy year of the pig!”


I want to extend my warmest thanks to all my friends and fans who sent me cards during the past holiday season. Among them were many which made me feel that my efforts resonate and are making a difference in your lives. I chose to quote this one, sent to me from Moscow, Russia:

I just want to say thank you … Studying in a foreign country makes me miss playing guzheng a lot. Thank you for giving me the urge of playing my instrument. I will always keep playing guzheng for the rest of my life. I feel that it is part of my soul. Thank you very much again … May the passion of music and love for guzheng live forever in everyone …


Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s new office warming party, fittingly titled The Grand Opening Celebration, took place this past Saturday, 20 February.

Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio was formally established by Lunlun Zou in November 2006 as an art school with focus on tuition of Chinese musical instruments. It also boasts a showroom and a store with selection of high-end musical instruments and accessories, including those by boutique luthier Master Xu Zhen Gao and Lunlun Zou.

Although the studio has been in operation for several weeks, feng shui masters advised that 20 February be chosen, the most auspicious day to assure success and prosperity to the business.

Lunlun Zou’s students, friends, business associates and well-wishers have sent in numerous bouquets, making the new office in the “fragrant harbor” ambrosial and festive. French wines, champagne and snacks were served while Lunlun Zou’s students performed to everyone’s delight.

A customer came with cash in her hand and bought one of Master Xu’s guzheng instruments on the spot. According to Chinese superstition, this was a sign of an imminent windfall ahead.