Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s new office warming party, fittingly titled The Grand Opening Celebration, took place this past Saturday, 20 February.

Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio was formally established by Lunlun Zou in November 2006 as an art school with focus on tuition of Chinese musical instruments. It also boasts a showroom and a store with selection of high-end musical instruments and accessories, including those by boutique luthier Master Xu Zhen Gao and Lunlun Zou.

Although the studio has been in operation for several weeks, feng shui masters advised that 20 February be chosen, the most auspicious day to assure success and prosperity to the business.

Lunlun Zou’s students, friends, business associates and well-wishers have sent in numerous bouquets, making the new office in the “fragrant harbor” ambrosial and festive. French wines, champagne and snacks were served while Lunlun Zou’s students performed to everyone’s delight.

A customer came with cash in her hand and bought one of Master Xu’s guzheng instruments on the spot. According to Chinese superstition, this was a sign of an imminent windfall ahead.