CCTV 對穿越日本音樂會的報道

鄒倫倫博士在日本的音樂會特別成功,拉近了中日兩國人民的關係,促進了彼此之間的深度文化交流。此次表演亦得到了中國 CCTV 在黃金時間的報道。

CCTV coverage on Lunlun’s concert in Japan

Lunlun’s concert in Japan is so successful that CCTV has covered in the prime time news show. The purpose of this concert is to bring people from two countries closer to each other.

Beau Soir en Japan Concert 2017 featured in Yazhou Zhoukan

Dr. Lunlun Zou has successfully finished her Beau Soir concert in Japan. The performance is so successfully that it attracted a lot of media coverage. Yazhou Zhoukan, a well-known magazine in Asia has covered this event, please see the details at Media coverage in Yazhou Zhoukan

穿越日本音樂會驚艷 – 亞洲週刊

亞洲週刊刊登了鄒倫倫博士是次在日本穿越演奏會的報道,詳情可到亞洲週刊的網頁觀看。 中國古箏二胡演奏家在東京舉行「穿越日本」音樂會,把兩國音樂的大氣和細膩融於「穿越」主題,各界要人名人出席,見證中日音樂互動理念。 亞洲週刊對穿越日本音樂會的報道