Dr. Zou’s students

Dr. Zou met her students Jasmine and Owen in a private performance event. These two lovely kids are very talented. Dr. Zou patiently teaches them guzheng and showing them the beauty of chinese music. Within a short period of time, these two young talented kids already progressed a lot! Please see here for the original interview from Mingpao: https://www.mpweekly.com/entertainment/focus/local/20201222-225991


IAMA performance service IAMA has just launched a wide range of performance services, including but not limited to violin, viola, cello, harp, piano (chamber music), guzheng, pipa, erhu, Chinese music ensemble, modern bands, guitar, saxophone, drums, keyboards, pop singers, etc. Performances for companies, financial institutions, societies, private parties, annual celebrations, opening ceremonies, weddings and other artistic performances. Please email us for … Read More

Yoga Class

IAMA YOGA CLASSES Presented by experienced yoga coach Miranda Ng. It is fun and healthy. Improves your body immunity, muscle elasticity, reduces abdominal fat, and very helpful in maintaining body flexibilility and softness. Miranda is a certified yoga coach and a former coach at Pure Yoga. IAMA YOGA CLASS EVERY SATURDAYWelcome to join the small group of 4-6 people VIP … Read More

Piano rooms

IAMA is now letting piano rooms for rental, please see the following details A,Multi-purpose piano room, 45 square feets and is good for 3 people. It is suitable for teaching with small and medium size musical instruments. Below is the monthly rent for different week days. You have 12 hours usage for each day. (Recommended period of time – 8:30am … Read More

《East meet West》

Dr. Lunlun Zou performing for charity organization. Take a look at her performance at <<East meet West>>. Wish you all a happy mother’s day!

Dr. Zou is featured in master-insight.com

Master-insight.com, a well-known chinese online media, has a full page cover on Dr. Lunlun Zou’s story. Dr. Lunlun Zou started learning Guzheng since she was two years old. She has shouldered the responsibility to pass this Chinese culture to the next generation. http://master-insight.com/content/article/8644

CCTV coverage on Lunlun’s concert in Japan

Lunlun’s concert in Japan is so successful that CCTV has covered in the prime time news show. The purpose of this concert is to bring people from two countries closer to each other.

Beau Soir en Japan Concert 2017 featured in Yazhou Zhoukan

Dr. Lunlun Zou has successfully finished her Beau Soir concert in Japan. The performance is so successfully that it attracted a lot of media coverage. Yazhou Zhoukan, a well-known magazine in Asia has covered this event, please see the details at Media coverage in Yazhou Zhoukan

A Guzheng and Harp Concert

Chinese Harp Concert

Dr. Lunlun Zou is going to perform her amazing Guzheng music with Harp in Canada this year. The concert will be held on Sunday July 24, 2016, 7:30pm, Mount Royal University – Bella Concert Hall. We will also have Harp Angel – Ms Deborah Nyack and Music Educator Ms Jessica Yuen performing in the concert so it shall be a … Read More