CHINESE HEADLINE NEW MEDIA-Internationally renowned guzheng virtuoso Dr. Lunlun Zou performed the famous guzheng piece “Fighting with the Typhoon” at the charity concert celebrating the 119th anniversary of Rotary International.

On February 22, 2024, Internationally renowned guzheng Virtuoso Dr. Lunlun Zou performed a famous guzheng piece “Fighting with Typhoon” at a charity concert celebrating the Lunar New Year at the Deep Water Bay Country Club in Hong Kong, in honor of the 119th anniversary of the founding of Rotary International & Rotary Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong 18th Anniversary.

Dr. Lunlun Zou played the melody of love with her hands and conveys the beauty of art with her heart. She performs with passion and elegance, her effortless style imbued with a powerful force that touches everyone present. Driven by her love for music, Dr. Zou is always eager to promote the rich Chinese traditional art culture and the ancient heritage of Eastern culture to the world, using music as a bridge to spread love, peace, and friendship.

Dr. Bernard Chan Pak-li JP, Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development

Dr. Zou celebrated the Lunar New Year with the friendly delegation from the Rotary Club of Thailand.

Director of the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong, Mr. Fung Hing-wang and his wife.

With Professor Lin Qunsheng, the President of Metropolitan University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Zou Lunlun and her  mother, Dean Jin Huijuan, were present.

Academician Zou Lunlun took a photo with Datuk Alicia Lo and his mother. 

Dr. Zou Lunlun also exchanged New Year greetings with Ms Fiona Tsui and other members of the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong.

The scene of the Chinese New Year at the Deep Water Bay Country Club in Hong Kong on February 22, 2024.