Class Level Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Guzheng beginner private child 45 $ 500
Guzheng beginner private adult 45 $ 880
Guzheng intermediate private child 45 $ 800
Guzheng intermediate private adult 45 $ 880
Guzheng advanced private child 45 $ 1,200
Guzheng advanced private adult 45 $ 1,200

*) Prices shown are for 1 lesson only. Minimum purchase is 4 lessons. Receive 10% discount if paying with Bitcoin.

For years, guzheng virtuoso Lunlun Zou has been the top choice for those seeking the best in music tuition. Her students include not only Hong Kong locals; many overseas students flock to Lunlun Zou’s music classes each year.

Lunlun Zou Teaching Guzheng
Lunlun Zou Teaching Guzheng
In 2006 Lunlun Zou formally established Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio in Hong Kong’s North Point district, offering lessons in subjects of guzheng and other Chinese instruments. Her aim: to create a centre of educational excellence which sees her standards and ideals brought to a wider array of Chinese art disciplines. Along with uncompromising standards, this philosophy is very much at the heart of this studio’s values.

Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s emphasis on excellence can be seen in the selection of instruments we carry for purchase. Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s traditional Chinese musical instruments are fashioned by the very finest Chinese craftsmen with whom Lunlun has enjoyed many years of co-operation. Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s instruments and musical accessories are chosen for their superb quality, including some highly exclusive brands.

As a place of learning, Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio is truly exceptional. As its director and master educator, Lunlun Zou has sought teachers who not only possess the requisite knowledge and experience, but who also reflect her artistic standards and ideals. They are chosen from a wide pool of talent, with artistic ability as the most important criteria of qualification.


Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Guzheng private child 45 $ 480
Guzheng private adult 45 $ 500
Guzheng group child 45** $ 250
Guzheng group adult 45** $ 250
Koto private child 45 $ 880
Koto private adult 45 $ 980
Koto group child 45 $ 600
Koto group adult 45 $ 600
Guqin private child 45 $ 880
Gugin private adult 45 $ 980
Guqin group child 45 $ 600
Gugin group adult 45 $ 600
Erhu private child 45 $ 500
Erhu private adult 45 $ 550
Erhu group child 45 $ 250
Erhu group adult 45 $ 250
Pipa private child 45 $ 500
Pipa private adult 45 $ 550
Pipa group child 45 $ 250
Pipa group adult 45 $ 250
Guitar private child 45 $ 500
Guitar private adult 45 $ 500
Music Theory private child 60 $ 450
Music Theory private adult 60 $ 450

*) Prices shown are for 1 lesson only. Minimum purchase is 4 lessons. Receive 10% discount if paying with Bitcoin.
**) Guzheng group lessons: If there are more than 3 students in a group, lesson duration will be 60 minutes.