From an unknown small town in China to the world’s most important financial hub, she became the star and the center of attention of Hong Kong’s TV stations and the press, and an instant favorite of millions. This is the story of a 9-year old talented girl by the name of Panting.

Little Panting is a role model to children and adults around the world. Her talent and daily hard work are the reasons why she was able to stand out above others at such young age.

Lunlun Zou discovered Panting in August 2004 during a guzheng convention in Yangzhou, while giving her a free guzheng lesson. Lunlun noticed Panting’s talent and potential.

After the performance, everybody wanted to have a photo taken with Panting.

During the days, months and years that followed, Lunlun kept in touch with Panting by telephone and e-mail, and used video teleconferencing to help with guiding her talent. Later in April 2005 Lunlun traveled to Yangzhou to give Panting additional lessons.

This year the time has come, according to Lunlun Zou, that Panting was given the opportunity to show her advanced skills in front of highly critical Hong Kong audiences in a debut recital.

The event took place on 21 February 2006 at Sheung Wan’s Civic Center. The concert hall was filled to maximum capacity of 150 seats with guzheng music lovers, guzheng teachers, guzheng students and members of the press.

Panting performed many Chinese traditional classics, and impressed the audience with flawless interpretation of the difficult, communist-inspired Zhan Tai Feng. Among the most enjoyed scores of the event were Kang Ding Qing Ge and Hua Er Yu Shao Nian (Flowers and Children), which she played in duet with Lunlun Zou.

At the program’s end many members of the audience, including children, surrounded little Panting on the stage to congratulate her with successful debut, made friends and chatted. Many people wanted to purchase Panting’s video, which unfortunately will not be available until a few weeks from now.