First informal gathering and a party of those who are and aren’t members of GuzhengOne club, students of Lunlun Zou and others who love the guzheng instrument and Chinese music took place 30 August in Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

Total of 20 guzheng enthusiasts from Hong Kong and USA have met at the Sau Kee restaurant to talk about their passion for guzheng and listen to live guzheng music.

Besides having a chance to listen to masterful play of Lunlun Zou, others too took turns and played for mutual enjoyment. Party participant from USA, Jennifer, who is a fourth-year student of ethno-musicology at UCLA, entertained with Liu Yang He. Even 6-year old student of Lunlun Zou, Lam Lam, had plenty of courage for her first flawless public performance.

Everyone enjoyed tremendously and already look forward to the next party.