Guzheng Virtuoso Dr. Lunlun Zou’s 2023 summer North American Music Tour

Dr.Lunlun Zou was invited to hold a unique Guzheng Music appreciation session at the Yu Seafood in Yorkdale, a famous shopping center in Toronto, on the evening of August 11th for her 2023 summer North American Music Tour. Dr. Lunlun Zou a master of Guzheng has demonstrated the demeanor of performing arts.

Dr. Lunlun Zou’s friends and Guzheng culture lovers

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I love you more than I can say & My love is like the moon

An unprecedented musical expression “I love you more than I can say” runs through the classics of Eastern and Western musical instruments – Eastern Guzheng, Western piano, and the modern guitar. The most dynamic form of performance presents the pulse of this American pop song – full of passion and love. “My love is like the moon” was played as encore and was widely applauded by the audience. These songs were played at “I love you Hong Kong Spring Concert” held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 20 March 2021.

Sweet Talk

Starlight Shining On Po Leung 🌟 featuring the legendary song “Sweet Talk” played by guzheng artist Dr. Lunlun Zou on 28 November 2021 at Hong Kong Coliseum. It was a live broadcast shown on TVB Jade Channel. “United in harmony, Support with love” All walks of life in Hong Kong support charity with one heart.

On 13 March 2021, TVB channel 81 hosted “Pok Oi Charity Show“ live performance, featuring Dr Lunlun Zou’s Quartet playing ”Under the Lion Rock”. We Love Hong Kong ❤️ Guzheng: Dr Lunlun Zou; Piano: Helen; Violin: Ching; Pipa: Noelle