Georgette Tso

On 8 September 2014 Lunlun Zou’s students performed at the Mid-Autumn festival party the Hong Kong Country Club which was attended by more than 500 members and guests. Their performance was well received by the audience. The performance started with a cheerful duet “Fengyang Flower Drum”, followed by the elegant classic Songs of “Fishermen’s Joyous Return”.

Coria Wong’s solo “Song of Fishing Ling ” and Zoe Leung’s solo “Autumn Moon over Han Palace” presented audience vivid graphics of beautiful moonlight by melody. Georgette Tso’s rendition of Shan Bei folk song “Nanniwan” has ignited the atmosphere of the party. And Yannis Lin’s amazing techniques when playing “Sunshine over Jin Gang Mountain” was warmly applauded by the audience. Maisie Luk played “Spring Returned to Snow-capped Peaks”, followed by “The Moon Represents My Heart” by Master Lunlun Zou and violinist Du Lan. Their performance has brought the party to a climax. The performance ended with guzheng ensemble “Fighting with Typhoon” by Master Zou and her students which they won the audience by their outstanding techniques, elegant style and passion.

The success of the performance is contributed by students of the Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio and sponsors. Others participating in the performance were Ruby Wong, Melissa Wong, Timtim Hong, E Tech Wong, Alice Siu, Rosa Ho Ching Sui and Candy Tsing Ying.

Special thanks to Mr Gary Tso and Mrs Victoria Tso.

Photos from this event can be seen here.