Restaurant Heaven on Earth in Hong Kong’s hippest district, Lan Kwai Fong, proved to be the ideal setting of yet another social gathering of our guzheng club and everyone who loves the guzheng music and guzheng instrument.

It could be said that this small-scale gathering of 33 people was an event of international proportions with many attendees from Hong Kong and others from as far as Taiwan, Singapore and USA.

The party was opened with a welcome note from the club’s director Ms. Ruby Wan, who reminded everyone that GuzhengOne is a non-profit and non-commercial club, whose aim is to organize educational and entertaining social gatherings for those who can attend such meetings personally, and also to provide wealth of information to those members whose access is limited to internet.

The traditional decor of the Chinese-themed restaurant Heaven on Earth helped everyone transcend the boundaries of time and experience the relaxing atmosphere of an afternoon tea at the Chinese imperial court at a time, when guzheng music was reserved only for the emperor.

Such was the atmosphere at this event of GuzhengOne when beautiful guzheng music started flowing. Everyone felt at ease, while sipping hot Chinese tea and nibbling at small refreshments.

Yen Ming Mei opened with Shan Dan Dan Kai Hua Hong Yan Yan, Crystal performed Lake Dongting, Natalie Fishermen’s Joyous Return and Yao Festival Dance. Amy played Qin San Qu, 6-year old Xin Yi played Liu Qing Niang and Lunlun Zou performed Spring returns to snow-capped peaks.

Li Mei Feng performed Liu Yang He, Lunlun Zou’s newest student Mr. Li played Zheng. Singapore’s guzheng master Mr. Ho performed Han Ya Xi Shui and Taiwan’s Mr. Hui Rui played Fang Zhi Mang.

During a Question and Answer session Ruby Wan asked about the proper technique of playing yaozhi and Lunlun Zou answered and gave demonstrations, including difficult excerpts from Zhan Tai Feng.

The event was closed with Lucky Draw and several attendees won prizes, including music CDs and fashionable guzheng picks.