Guzheng Classes by Dr. Lunlun Zou

About Dr. Lunlun Zou

Guzheng is a 2,500-year-old traditional Chinese ancient instrument and Dr Zou is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso, Dr. Zou was born into a family with four generations of guzheng virtuosity. She started playing the instrument at the age of four and undertook serious music studies from the age of seven when she entered the Preparatory School of the Shenyang Conservatory of Music.

Dr Zou regularly holds concerts at prestigious venues worldwide and is also enthusiastic in performing for charities. Despite her fame and success on the world stage, Dr Zou is dedicated to educating young people in Hong Kong and globally. Her aim is to pass on the art of the guzheng art, and to promote Chinese culture across the world. Dr Zou was the first instrumentalist to receive the World Outstanding Chinese Artist Award in 2015. Building on this success, Dr Zou has since been appointed as the Executive Chairperson of the World Outstanding Chinese Youth Association. In 2018, Dr Lunlun Zou received a Fellowship from the The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

For years, guzheng virtuoso Lunlun Zou has been the top choice for those seeking the best in music tuition. Her students include not only Hong Kong locals; many overseas students flock to Lunlun Zou’s music classes each year.

In 2006 Lunlun Zou formally established Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio in Hong Kong’s North Point district, offering lessons in subjects of guzheng and other Chinese instruments. Her aim: to create a centre of educational excellence which sees her standards and ideals brought to a wider array of Chinese art disciplines. Along with uncompromising standards, this philosophy is very much at the heart of this studio’s values.

Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s emphasis on excellence can be seen in the selection of instruments we carry for purchase. Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s traditional Chinese musical instruments are fashioned by the very finest Chinese craftsmen with whom Lunlun has enjoyed many years of co-operation. Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio’s instruments and musical accessories are chosen for their superb quality, including some highly exclusive brands.

As a place of learning, Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio is truly exceptional. As its director and master educator, Lunlun Zou has sought teachers who not only possess the requisite knowledge and experience, but who also reflect her artistic standards and ideals. They are chosen from a wide pool of talent, with artistic ability as the most important criteria of qualification.

The tuition fee for Dr. Zou’s class is HKD $12,000.00, 10 lessons in total.

3-4 students per group is HKD $600.00 (60 mins)

Trial lesson is HKD $1,200.00 (60 mins)

Huqin, Guqin classes by Zhou Yi

About Zhou Yi

Huqin, Guqin music virtuoso , graduated with honors from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as the master degree.

Since 2008, she has joined the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and has been posted as Huqin Co-Principal, Erhu Principal and Gaohu Principal.

The music circles commented on her performance as “unvoiced and quiet, elegant and leisurely, the hanging river oozes water, and the quality is not gorgeous”, “the air and rhyme are simple, the meaning is hidden”.
Music concerts Footsteps in more than 20 countries and regions in the world.

Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Huqin/Guqin private adult / child 45 $ 2500 / 4 lessons
Huqin/Guqin 2+ students per group adult / child 60 $ 1800 / 4 lessons

Vocal Singing Classes by Wang Bingbing

The latest western bel canto and opera learning courses are led by bishop Wang Bingbing, a famous Italian lyric soprano.

Soprano Wang Bingbing is the first Chinese to graduate with a master’s degree in opera performance from the “Giuseppe Verdi Conservatorio di Milano” National Conservatory of Music in Milan, Italy. She is one of the top ten sopranos in China. We warmly welcome everyone to sign up for the bel canto learning. Singing exercises the body and mind, improves lung capacity, coordinates body movements, and enhances the sense of beauty, which is very beneficial to health.

Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Vocal Singing Classes Private adult / child 45 $ 8800 / 4 lessons
Vocal Singing Classes Private adult / child 45 $ 26400 / 12 lessons

ErHu & Pop-singing classes by Ruby Chan

About Ruby Chan

Ruby Chan studied ErHu since she was seven years old and was admitted to the High School attached to Nanjing Arts Institute in 2007. In 2008, she was selected as the “Jiangsu Erhu Delegation” to participate in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. In 2011, she won the Silver Prize of Professional Group B of the first China-Japan-Korea International ErHu Competition.
In 2013, she was admitted to the Music Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts as the first major of Chinese instrumental music. During the undergraduate period, she performed for the Central Military Commission, National Defence University and other military units, and participated in the exchange performances of Massey University in New Zealand, Weta Studio, Juilliard School of Music in the United States, and Mongolian Army Song and Dance Troupe. She also participated honored in the event that Ms. Peng Liyuan as the President of the College who welcomed the wife of the President of Mexico and the Queen of Belgium. She Visited Mongolia with the “Chinese People’s Liberation Army Art Delegation”.
In 2018, Chan was admitted to Hong Kong Baptist University to pursue a master’s degree in Media management. During her study in Hong Kong, she learned pop-singing with vocal educator CHRISTINESAMSON , and sang the OST “Xiang Yi” for the movie “Get In the Dark”.
Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
ErHu/Pop-singing private adult / child 45 $ 2500 / 4 lessons
ErHu/Pop-singing 2+ students per group adult / child 60 $ 1800 / 4 lessons

Violin classes by Choi Tsz Ching

About Choi Tsz Ching

Choi Tsz Ching has recently performed with the The Asian Youth Orchestra, Gustav Mahler Orchestra, The Colloglum Musicum HK, Baptist University Orchestra and the Strings Amarta . She performed with some famous performers such as, Joshua Bell, Rachel Cheung etc. She also participated the master class with some famous violinist such as Mr. Cho- Liand Lin, Johannes Hehrmann etc.

At the age of 10, Ching joined The Hong Kong Children’s Symphony Orchrstra and attained Distinction at her grade 8 violin exam (ABRSM). She won 1st prize at The Hong Kong School Music Festival , and also got the Distinction for ATCL viola exam (TRINITY LONDON). And she was gratulated in Hong Kong Baptist University–Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music Studies.

She studied violin with Mr. Leung Kin Fung – the 1st associate Concertmaster in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Dr. Patrick T S Yim– the Assistant Professor in the Department of Music at Hong Kong Baptist University, and Miss Amelia Chan—the Concertmaster of city chamber orchestra in Hong Kong.

Ching has rich experience in viola, violin, and theory teaching, many for her students awarded the distinction in the theory exam and outstanding result in the public exam and awarded the prizes in the competition.

Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Violin private adult/child 45 $ 2500 / 4 lessons
Violin 3-4 students per group adult/child 60 $ 1800 / 4 lessons

Guzheng classes by Bao Kwun Ying

About Bao Kwun Ying

Bou Kwan-ying graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring Zheng under Prof. Xu Lingzi and minoring Chinese percussion under Mr. Yim Hok-man. She started learning Zheng at an early age under Ms. Chin King. Bou is active in various multimedia and fusion music productions. Her outstanding performance is recognized by the award of Academy Dean’s List (Highest among all Chinese Music Major), First Initiative Foundation Music Scholarships (2017) and the HSBC HKAPA Mainland China Study Scholarship (2016).

Bou works in a wide range of performances covering Tradition, Pop and Rock music. She was the leader of the “Hong Kong Professional Zheng Junior” from 2015 and was awarded the “RTHK Young Music Makers“. Bou’s team was the champion in professional Zheng ensemble category of “Sino-Japanese Youth Art Festival” in Japan. Her composition and performance in recent production “ZHENG and ROCK Remix” won critical acclaim. Bou performed in various music festivals as a Zheng player including England, Korea (Seoul, GwangJu), Japan, Taiwan, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang).

Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Guzheng private adult/child 45 $ 2500 / 4 lessons
Guzheng 3-4 students per group adult/child 60 $ 1800 / 4 lessons

Pipa classes by Lui Tsz Yan

About Lui Tsz Yan

Lui Tsz Yan has started learning pipa under the teaching of Li Ping at the Music Office at the age of 8. She is now majoring pipa at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts under the guidance of Zhang Ying.

Lui has been participating in competitions with outstanding performance at the time she started learning pipa, winning championships in the 59th (Primary Group), 60th (Intermediate Group), 61st (Advanced Group), and 64th (Expert Group) Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. She also participated competitions, namely Nan Yang International Music Competition in 2017 and Osaka International Music Competition Folk Instrument Group in 2019, on behalf of Hong Kong and gained excellent results.

Lui has also accepted invitations to give solo performance. She participated as guest soloist in International Poets in Hong Kong in 2010 and “民族魂中國夢” Concert in 2018, and gave performance at “大花獎” Poetry Award Ceremony in 2019.

Other than solo performance, Lui also participated in orchestral performance. She has been to Shang Hai, Shen Yang, Tai Wan and Singapore performing as a member of the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra.

Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Pipa private Adult / Child 45 $ 2500 / 4 lessons
Pipa 3-4 students per group Adult / Child 60 $ 1800 / 4 lessons


Apart from our outstanding teachers listed above, IAMA also have a group of talented teachers specialise in different chinese/western musical instruments. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to take our classes.

Lunlun & Baobao

Dr. Lunlun Zou training young teachers of performance style and teaching skills

Guzheng and pipa duet

IAMA has a deep talent pool, they often conduct performance tour


Dr. Lunlun Zou teaching her student Guzheng

Class Size Student min/class Price* HKD
Guzheng private child 45 $ 580
Guzheng private adult 45 $ 600
Guzheng group child 45** $ 250
Guzheng group adult 45** $ 250
Koto private child 45 $ 880
Koto private adult 45 $ 980
Koto group child 45 $ 600
Koto group adult 45 $ 600
Guqin private child 45 $ 880
Guqin private adult 45 $ 980
Guqin group child 45 $ 600
Guqin group adult 45 $ 600
Erhu private child 45 $ 600
Erhu private adult 45 $ 650
Erhu group child 45 $ 250
Erhu group adult 45 $ 250
Pipa private child 45 $ 600
Pipa private adult 45 $ 650
Pipa group child 45 $ 250
Pipa group adult 45 $ 250
Guitar private child 45 $ 600
Guitar private adult 45 $ 600
Music Theory private child 60 $ 550
Music Theory private adult 60 $ 550

*) Prices shown are for 1 lesson only. Minimum purchase is 4 lessons. Receive 10% discount if paying with Bitcoin.
**) Guzheng group lessons: If there are more than 3 students in a group, lesson duration will be 60 minutes.

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