A New Wave of Culture! A Musical Feast Jointly Presented by Hong Kong and French Artists, Splendor Added to the Capital of Grand Events

www.toutiao.com 2024-04-20

Text | Ji Shuoming

The capital of events has a series of must-see art events. Hong Kong and French artists jointly presented the “Three Bottles of Perfume @ Hong Kong” concert, presenting a wonderful scene for the capital of grand events.

At the beginning of 2024, Hong Kong is exploring a unique journey of art and culture, participating in international events, experiencing new world-class museums and art performances, as well as diverse art and cultural activities. “A Heart Resting in Nature-Zhai Shiyao’s Calligraphy Exhibition”; “Anita Mui”; “Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2024” and so on, presenting scenes of artistic splendor. The government calls it “Art Gathering in Hong Kong”, waiting for you to discover one by one!

In the blooming season of April, Hong Kong is filled with an artistic atmosphere. On the evening of the 14th, in the 11th floor of China Taiping Building in Causeway Bay, a unique international performance at the Greater Bay Area International Exchange Center was fascinating. This was a masterpiece of Hong Kong folk art handed down from generation to generation. It was special because it brought together artists from Hong Kong, France, Vietnam and Japan, allowing the audience to enjoy a music feast of Chinese and foreign artists in Hong Kong.

The famous guzheng performer Zou Lunlun, the lead erhu performer Guo Gan of the “Three Bottles of Perfume” band from France, the Japanese zither performer Nishihara, and the Vietnamese folk singer Huong Thanh played the Chinese folk song “Jasmine Flower” together.

Zou Lunlun, a Famous Guzheng Player

With artists from different countries, this event used music as a medium to promote the integration of different cultures and further enhanced Hong Kong’s status in the field of international music and art exchanges. The same song was played with art, bringing the audience wonderful music.

Artists Playing the Hong Kong Era Song “Love Everywhere” Together

It is particularly worth mentioning that the concert not only featured traditional guzheng, erhu, zheng and other musical instruments, but also innovative cross-cultural cooperation, such as the modern interpretation of “Tang Poetry” and “Medley of Hong Kong’s Era Music”, etc., presenting a wonderful dialogue between artists in inheritance and innovation.

The “Three Bottles of Perfume @ Hong Kong” concert has been not only a feast of music, but also a meaningful event of cultural exchange. It not only demonstrated the unique power of music in cross-cultural communication, but also introduced an international cultural style to Hong Kong, revealing a new chapter in promoting global cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation.

Zou Lunlun, the main organizer of this event, is a top guzheng performer. She has always been at the forefront of the development of guzheng culture. She has been active in creating music, teaching music, and performing music.

Her good friend Mr. Guo Gan is a Chinese erhu performer, composer and percussionist living in France. In 2016, he was awarded the Chevalier Medal of French Literature and Art, becoming the first Chinese national musician and erhu performer to win this award. Zou Lunlun invited Mr. Guo Gan to Hong Kong many times to participate in art exchanges and became a familiar artist in the Hong Kong music scene.

An International Group of Artists and Guo Gan, an Erhu Performer Living in France (first from left)

On April 15, the event continued in Greenery Music at Tianhou, Hong Kong. Under the organization and arrangement of Dr. Huang Weida, guzheng performer Zou Lunlun, and pipa performer Ma Jingwen, the “Three Bottles of Perfume @ Hong Kong” master class lecture was given. Participants listened to the performance of Mr. Guo Gan, an erhu performer living in France and performing with “Three Bottles of Perfume”, and had interactive Q&A. Participants included professional musicians, students, young teachers, singers, performers, cultural and artistic directors, presidents, etc.

The artists performed and explained on the spot, and interacted and communicated with the audience. The participating artists also performed and sang music of various ethnic styles on the spot, familiar music, such as “Wang Ning Mei”, “Bosom Friend”, “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon” and so on, bringing the event to a climax.


Artists and Guests

The event received support and sponsorship from various institutions, including the famous Pablo Chairman, Xiaoyu Cigar Club, IAMA International Music and Art Academy and other institutions. The concert attracted important guests including Mr. Li Ruda, Consul General of Fiji in Hong Kong, Datuk Lu Yanxi of Indonesia, Vice President Huang Guoxian of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dean Qian Zihui, President Huang Xiangling, a famous painter, and Dr. Huang Weida of Greenery Music. The event was highly appraised and recognized by the guests.

Hong Kong and French artists jointly presented the “Three Bottles of Perfume @ Hong Kong” concert, setting off a new wave of cultural exchanges and becoming a new song in Hong Kong’s as a capital of grand events.